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New York Courts Continue to Deem Social Networking Sites Discoverable

Posted in e-Discovery and Social Media, Media and the Law

As reported in the New York Law Journal, more and more New York courts have applied a liberal standard to the discoverability of a plaintiff’s social media information in personal injury or medical malpractice claims.  How significant can a plaintiff’s social media information be to a case?  In Romano v. Steelcase, a case venued in… Continue Reading

Lawyers, Jurors and Social Media: Let’s Not Be Friends (New York City Bar Association Opinion)

Posted in e-Discovery and Social Media

The New York City Bar Association, within a recent ethics opinion, addressed the issue of whether an attorney is permitted to access social media websites to investigate the backgrounds of potential jurors and to monitor jurors’ activities during a trial.  In seeking to balance an attorney’s interest to conduct juror background research with the ethical… Continue Reading

Posting personal information on the internet can be hazardous…if you are a litigant!

Posted in e-Discovery and Social Media

Everyone that has watched a ‘cop’ television show or movie has heard the following phrase: “you have the right to remain silent…anything you say can and will be used against you”. Most of us can also probably recall the origin of that phrase; for those who cannot, I will remind you. The phrase comes from… Continue Reading